"Excellent quality of workmanship, products, and materials used. Very knowledgeable and professional. Honest, on time, and easy to work with".

"Great job all around"!

— Laura S.
"Our experience with Daniel was professional from the beginning to project completion".

We obtained four bids for a remodel of our bathroom and replacement tile throughout our home. One bidder was not competitive in price at all, one estimator never called back with a bid, one was lower but the man seemed not to understand what we wanted to do so we passed on these three. We accepted Daniel's bid because he expressed a good understanding of what we wanted to accomplish and was priced reasonably".

"Our work was started on time, progressed in a timely fashion, work area cleaned daily and job completed on time. Daniel visited the tile company with us to help in our selection, offered design recommendations and completed the job in an artistic and professional manner. He coordinated the plumbing work in a seamless manner".

"In short, Daniel, is a professional that my wife and I would not hesitate to call on again or recommend to our best friends".
— Kip & JoAnna C.
"From start to finish my kitchen was done in about three weeks. This was a total tear out, which included: raising the kitchen and dinette ceiling, removing popcorn finish from the adjoining family room, hanging drywall, plastering the ceilings, painting, electrical and plumbing. Daniel was proactive in pointing out that the dinette area, with its newly raised ceiling, would be more comfortable with an additional AC vent installed. When a potential problem with the plumbing and cabinetry for the sink arose, Daniel found a creative solution that actually enhanced the workability of the kitchen. Daniel coordinated all aspects of the electrical, plumbing, plastering, and painting and all was done in a timely and professional manner. Most importantly, all scheduling was communicated to me and was done when promised".

"I would not hesitate to call on Daniel again, or to recommend him to family and friends"
— Ann F.
"So nice and honest. Felt very comfortable with everyone. Treated my home as if it were theirs".
— Karyn R.